de ruimte

Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.
Martha Graham

Lessen dans en beweging gegeven door Branka Zgonjanin. Deze lessen zijn toegankelijk voor alle niveaus ongeacht de ervaring en worden in het Engels gegeven. Het is ook mogelijk om losse lessen te volgen:

Branka leads dance/movement classes inspired by diverse dance Release techniques, Body Weather, Yoga, Physical Theatre/Mime and her own techniques which focus on sensory system, perception and bringing awareness into the body through conscious exploration of creative potentials of the movement.

The classes are open for everyone, regardless of the level of experience. All tasks and exercises will be appropriated to suit each participant individually. 

The basic structure of the class will contain 3 parts: a warm up which addresses the concentration, coordination and strength of a participant; followed by a movement exploration guided with specific and personalised tasks (participants work together, but get a personal attention) and finally the class will end with stretching exercises focused on a proper alignment. 

Each class is different, yet always containing these 3 parts which are practiced in a constant flow. Through the use of flow we acquire alertness and presence.


Max. deelnemers:         12 

Kosten:                         proefles : € 10,-  

                                      losse les: € 15,-

                                      5 ritten:  €  60,-

                                     10 ritten: € 100,-


Aanmelding & vragen:  via  (op dit moment is er een zomerstop tot september )

Info Branka: